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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Lake McConaughy with Kites and Castles 2016, July 30th!

So here's the deal:

The lake is "high" (actually, what we called normal before the drought of the 2000's...), but is expected to stay high even after irrigation season starts in July, due to higher than normal snowpack and reservoir levels upstream in Wyoming.  So, do we cancel again this year?  Nah.  We decided to move forward, and it paid off!

The lake is dropping at a rate of over a foot a week, opening up beach for building!  So, we will have a live, in person, building event at Martin Bay, in the area of the "blue block" (Leave Only Your Footprints sign) near the southeast corner of Martin Bay.
So, anywho, registration is open.  You can do it electronically here (select the "Not a member" option) or you can download and scan or mail this PDF.  This is also how you can reserve yourself a fancy t-shirt.

See you soon!

Here is "day off" information for registered teams, or anybody else who cares to read it.

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