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Here are the 2021 Kites and Castles Winners!

Peoples Choice Winner- "Daydreamer" by the Jensen Clan 1st in Family Class- "Owl Always Love you" by the Colorado Carvers 2nd in Family Class- "Morris Manor" by Just Dig It 1st in Young Adults- "Sea Serpent" by the Sandtastic Frogs 2nd in Young Adults- "Swimming Dinosaur" by Pika Chu 1st in Open Class- "Space Jam" by the Killer Bees 2nd in Open Class- "Ankylosaurus" by the Cedar Point Biological Students 1st in Kids- "Frog Boys" by the Frog Boys 2nd in Kids- "Turbo Max" by Turbo Max

A huge shout out to everyone who came and spent the day on the beach building all of the amazing sand art! See you next year!

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